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Welcome to the Pet Social Network for Pet Lovers!


Our pet social network has a tight-knit community of animal lovers that are willing and able to chat with you through pet forums, the pet social networking and blogging where you can share stories, ideas and tips in caring for your pets. Some of the best, most helpful ideas come from other caring pet owners like you who are always willing to offer new concepts that can assist in the care, love and nurturing of your own pets. Please feel free to post your pet's profile, pictures, interesting articles, or services (under our pet services section) We are a pet community that shares, and we welcome your contribution.


What's New

  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper Hi Everybody, Molly here! - Besides being able to do this, did you know cats can jump seven times higher than their own height?
    • Thu at 3:39 PM
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper posted a new video:
    Giant Tarantula Vs. Wasp
    This is an amazing video we came across. Some of you might have seen this, but if you haven’t you might enjoy it. Who says A WASP CAN'T TAKE A TARANTULA DOWN??
    • Tue at 7:48 PM
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper Good afternoon my fellow pet lovers. We are here to bring you another interesting dog fact. Did you know, all dogs except the Chow have a pink tongue; the Chow's tongue is black.
    • Mon at 3:59 PM
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper posted a new video:
    World's Largest Rat
    This is a video we came across on YouTube, where they are claiming that this is the world's largest rat. The family found it in their home. This is a must see.
    • August 20
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeepercedarcreek: Hi Cedarcreek,
    If you would like to share some photos of your dogs, please feel free to create an album, or create a pet's profile. page. I'm assuming most of them are puppies?
    • August 20
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  • Hibarikyouya
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  • Ginger
    Ginger has added a new article:
    Part 3: Common Pet Rodent Diseases and their Symptoms
    • July 30
  • Ginger
    Ginger has added a new article:
    How to Make a Move Less Stressful for Your Pets
    • July 22
  • Ginger
    Ginger has added a new article:
    Part 2: Common Cat Diseases and their Symptoms
    • July 18